Thursday, 7 October 2010

Diet plan!

Let me share with you a little known about diet, Today marks my 5th week on this diet and up till today I've lost 10pounds. Now you may think that is not allot in 5 weeks, but let me just say I gym daily so my aim was to lose as much water and fat as possible without sacrificing muscle. I happened to stumble upon this very effective diet plan which states basically for 6 days through Sunday-Friday eat only protein, so any fish, chicken or red meats you can get your hands on, on the 7th day being Saturday you carb up, eat anything you fancy and until your stomach says to stop. The link shown later will elaborate on why to do this.

Now some people told me this isn't a very healthy diet as you need such and such foods daily. My reply to this is days and time itself is only relative to the human mind and doesn't apply to the body. Most nutritionist will tell you to eat a daily balanced diet but infact the body is highly adaptable and will adapt to most if all situations it is presented with without any serious side effects due to conditioning. As you will notice the first week on this diet is the hardest simply for the fact you've already conditioned you're body into its current routine so cutting out the sugar and carbs will make you feel a little depleted of energy but after that transitional period you're body will fall into a natural routine and you won't crave sugars or fatty foods nor will you feel tired and let me say you'll be surprised at just how much active and less lethargic you will feel as well as bodywise more tighter all over.

I'd highly recommend this diet to anyone and everyone, I've tried many diets before but this one works the best for me.

Heres the link if you want to learn more and adopt this diet